Over 200 species of birds nest in Vermont and many more pass through the state every year. In this class, you’ll learn how to recognize some of them. Even more important, you’ll learn fascinating facts about their behavior and how they spend their year. 

Where do Vermont’s birds go when they’re not around here? Why do birds make noise, and how?
How do birds recognize each other?
What birds might visit us in the middle of winter?
How can you attract a variety of birds to your feeders?

And much more.

Even if you can’t come to every session, you’ll still gain a deeper appreciation for the birds that fill our spring, summer and fall with color and song. The class features lots of pictures and lots of sounds, as well as the possibility of an evening “owl prowl” and/or a Saturday or Sunday field trip to watch migrating hawks or enjoy the winter duck show on Lake Champlain.

Instructor: Maeve Kim

Birding in Vermont

  • Day: Monday

    First Class: January 13th

    Last Class: February 17th

    Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm

    Location: Room 513
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