An overview of wilderness canoeing: where to go, how to get there (it can be surprisingly easy), what to bring, who to go with, and what skills are essential.

Classes will include photos, videos, and artwork from expeditions.

We will cover a range of destinations suitable for beginners to experts and from shoestring to sponsored budgets.

Trip planning, travel and preparation logistics, equipment lists, appropriate canoes, PFDs, and paddles, navigation, wilderness safety, river running and canoe camping tips and techniques. Wildlife safety and etiquette.Special features: insights on what to do when bears attack (I was charged by a Grizzly in 2013 and nobody was hurt :-) and the pros and cons of traveling alone.

Canoes in the Wild

  • Day: Tuesdays

    First Class: January 17th

    Last Class: February 21st

    Time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm

    Location: TBD

    Instructor: Rob Mullen -
    Over 30 years of back-country canoeing experience.
    Sponsored by Mad River Canoe Co ('01 - '09) and Pakboats (present)
    Featured in Paddler Magazine, Nov. 2007 as one of nine notable canoeists in North America : Profiled in CanoeRoots Magazine 2015
    18 wilderness art expeditions from Labrador to Alaska and Ontario to Mexico since 2001.
    Expedition accounts published in Canoe & Kayak Magazine ('02, '10), Alaska Magazine ('14), Chemun - The Canadian Journal of Wilderness Canoeing ('10)
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