This workshop is the seventh in a series that will explore the extensive set of free, online Google tools. For more info about the series, see

This workshop will explore features of Google Maps and Google Earth, Google’s mapping programs. We’ll explore tips and tricks for getting detailed directions to a destination; using street view to explore an area; specifying different routes than what Google suggests; adding trails/paths that you recorded to a map; measuring distances and areas on maps; creating interactive maps with placemarks that include text, pictures, and links to webpages; and more.

Introduction to Google Maps and Google Earth

  • Day: Tuesday November 13th

    Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

    Location: PC Lab


    Instructor: Steve Webster

    I just retired as Technology Integration Coach at the South Burlington School District where my responsibility was to help teachers make effective use of computers to enrich and enhance student learning. I have a total of over 35 years experience helping adults use computers, including twenty years at South Burlington, four years as coordinator of the Apple Teacher Development Center in Morrisville, and ten years in Computing Services at Dartmouth College. I’ve also taught middle school, high school, and college-level courses. I love helping adults become powerful users of technology!

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