- Thinking about establishing credit?
- Already have credit and want to keep it good or make it better?
- Ever wonder how your credit score gets calculated? or how you can influence your credit score?

Well...... then Keys To Credit is for you

This is a FREE 1Hour 45 Minute course based on the CVOEO's Growing Money program

Emphasis will be on:

- How to improve your credit score
- How to make credit work for you
- What is the lifetime financial benefit of maintaining good credit (hint: it's a pile of money!)
- Where can you get reliable information

This course is appropriate for all ages and levels of financial experience

Keys to Credit

  • Day: Monday

    Start Date: November 7th

    Last Class: November 7th

    Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

    Location: TBD

    Instructor: Jim Dunn
    Jim Dunn has over 25 years of personal investing experience and is currently a volunteer instructor with the CVOEO Growing Money program. He focuses on Credit, Savings and Investing.

    Jim is a retired engineer and holds a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering
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