Find some flow while creating handmade paper from recycled paper scraps.  Handmade sheets of paper can be used to make cards or other works of art.  Paper making is an engaging and relaxing craft for any skill level.  

This is the perfect class to take just before Valentines Day. Make that someone special your very own handmade card!

*We do back to back nights because your paper needs to dry before you work with it.*

Paper Making Workshop

  • Day: February 6th and 7th

    Time: 4:30pm-6:30pm

    Location: Talia's Room (403)

    About Your Instructor:
    I once learned that the highest purpose of art is to create social change, and with papermaking there are numerous opportunities to do just that. From turning recycling into art, to brightening someone’s day with a handmade paper card, to fundraising for agents of social change by selling handmade paper art, the possibilities for transformation in this very forgiving medium are only limited by your own imagination. I have been making paper with students, family, and friends for over 10 years for my "No Scrap is Too Small" collection. Join me to make paper, have fun, and apply principles of ecology!
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