Instructor: Britt Nielsen

Course Description:
The camera can be a tool to help us perceive more of our surroundings, which in turn leads to greater awareness of our inner world. The presence it takes to observe our environment brings us more fully in tune with our body, mind, spirit and our deepest desires. By exploring in nature, with cameras in hand, we see what we might not normally see. We experience nature’s beauty and delight, come present in our bodies, feeling the spirit of our own true nature.

As you see more deeply into nature, you see more deeply into your own true nature. As you hear the whispers of the trees, and become aware of the wisdom in the woods, your inner voice becomes clearer and more audible.

* Bring a journal to reflect near the end of our time together.
* Bring a camera, and enjoy nature as a place of freedom, possibility, and self-discovery!
* Camera can be a smartphone, point and shoot, or DSLR
* Come prepared for any weather

Email Britt with questions:

True Nature Discovery Walk

  • Day: Wednesday

    Start Date: May 24th

    Last Class: May 31st

    Time: 5:30pm - 6:45pm

    Location: Room 513

    Instructor: Britt Nielsen

    Britt sees what has yet to be seen through her camera lens. Her camera is always by her side whether on a professional photo shoot, traveling, or walking through nature where she is most at home. Britt offers True Nature Coaching and Discovery Walks for people looking to connect freely and fully to themselves.
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