Instructor: Liz Perkins, CHHC

In this 2 week class you will learn to follow a simple diet and herb regime, and you will notice a change in energy and digestion in just a few days!

Class 1:
*Discuss logistics/rationale behind the cleanse.
*Learn stress reduction techniques to implement throughout the cleanse.
Class 2:(Post-cleanse)
* Maintenance strategies strengthen your digestive fire.
* Work to understand your dosha and what foods support your dosha through the seasons to maintain optimal digestion and fat burning.

* Before class you can download a short home cleanse pdf booklet from Liz’s website.
------------------------------------------------------------Please read below for a note from a recent participant

I am writing to provide feedback on the Whole Foods Cleanse Course I attended earlier this year, facilitated and taught by Liz Perkins.

The first thing I must say is that the course gave me clear instructions, great educational back up regarding how and why the cleanse works and what to expect, the herbs and food needed to do the cleanse, the available support while I did the cleanse, and great discussion afterward.

The cleanse was a great success, I lost weight as was promised, and have never felt better.

Regarding Ms. Perkins preparation, instruction and leadership, I found our instructor to be very well versed in the subject matter. Her presentation was educational and thorough, and her teaching style very approachable. The class felt very comfortable asking questions and Ms. Perkins did a great job answering questions and providing very good feedback and guidance.

The workshop classes were perfectly matched with the cleanse experience. I would recommend the course and the cleanse to anyone interested in improving their health and wellness, and would recommend Ms. Perkins as a very thoughtful and qualified teacher of the subject.

Whole Foods Cleanse

  • Day: Friday

    First Class: January 17th

    Last Class: January 24th

    Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

    Location: Room 512
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