Instructor: Liz Perkins, CHHC

This four-day whole foods cleanse will help you feel lighter, clearer and reset your digestion. You may feel heavy and low energy from the dark days and the holiday season. The New Year is a perfect time for you to start a whole foods cleanse. You will feel satisfied with the food, you will gain a new appreciation for your amazing body and feel very proud of yourself at the end. The class meets twice. Upon your registration, you will receive an email with the cleanse shopping list and the option to order the custom blended cleanse herbs from the instructor. You will receive the cleanse book at class and you will start your eating regimen during the next week. You will meet with your class again and you will take an ayurvedic dosha quiz and leave with a strategy to stay balanced this winter.

Whole Foods Cleanse

  • Day: Thursday

    First Class: January 28th

    Last Class: February 4th

    Time: 6:00pm - 7:30pm

    Location: Cafeteria/Kitchen

    About Your Instructor:
    Liz Perkins, M.S., is an Nutrition lecturer and Integrative Nutritionist who uses Ayurvedic lifestyle and diet to stay healthy and balanced throughout the changing seasons. This will be her umpteenth cleanse! You will appreciate mastering the basics of this simple, easy strategy to reset your digestion and feel clear, calm and energetic. Liz has led over 100 people in group whole foods adventures. If you also want to feel more alive and free from aches and pains and able to digest like you are 20 years old again, sign up and begin living with more clarity and a greater connection to the food that nourishes YOU!
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